When we gather, and before we head out, we will ask you to sign the following 'Agreement of Understanding': 

Agreement of Understanding:

I,                                             , understand that, in participating on this wilderness trip from Sep 12-16, 2018, organized, in part by Shelley Hannah and Allison Brown, that I am participating as a friend, and that I am wholly responsible for my own health & well-being for the duration of the trip.  I agree that I have some experience in wilderness tripping and am thus aware of the risks involved as well as the necessary equipment needed to keep myself safe & sound, and I willingly assume this responsibility.

I understand that neither Shelley nor Allison will be carrying any liability insurance coverage for my participation on this expedition should anything unexpected arise and result in injury or illness to me while on the trip.

I understand that, while on trip, Shelley will be providing some leadership, organization and some programming content during this 5 day trip, and it is for this that I am paying $500 Cdn.

Regarding the waiver ...

I have read the waiver and


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