Thank you for registering!  
It's time now to submit a deposit ($200) to secure your spot!
If the start of your trip is less than 30 days away, please make your full contribution now (or make an alternative arrangement with me).

Please take the time to scroll down, below the refund policy for info/ a refresher about stepping into a 'gift economy', aka contributing generously and accessibly.  Thank you!

Notes: The balance of your contribution will be due 30 days before the start of your trip.  You are also welcome to submit the full contribution now, if you wish.

*Park fees, if applicable, are separate and will be determined once paddler numbers are confirmed.

Parking fees are also separate from this contribution. and will be paid directly to the park/ marina 

Please take the time to scroll below the refund policy for info about stepping into a gift economy, aka contributing generously and accessibly.

Refund policy:
Out of respect for the time that is involved in the administration of these trips, the following policy is in effect
Your full contribution, less a $50 processing fee will be refunded if you cancel your registration 30 days or more ahead of the trip's start.
Your full contribution less $100 will be refunded up to 7 days prior to the trip's start.
Your full contribution less $200 will be refunded if you cancel your registration less than 7 days ahead of the start of the trip.

A note on contributing through the lens of a gift economy:

 For 'payment' or compensation for these trips, I invite you into the world and concept of the gift economy.  In principle, a gift economy is an invitation to step outside of the 'value for service/product' model, and to step into the flow of giving and receiving such that all are supported to both give what they have - money, service, goods, opportunities - as well as to receive what they need.  In this way, there is flow that supports all to be in service in the ways that are true and authentic for each person.  

I am a dreamer, and in that, I hold a dream of this becoming our default way of being with one another.

For many, (probably most of us) this is a BIG stretch from what we know, from our comfort zone.  To take step into it with a baby step, I offer this: For this trip, I invite you into a free will contribution, where you get to choose how much you give.  The invitation is to find a sweet spot of getting what you want and need - to partake in the trip, and to have it be both 'affordable' to you ... and being generously supportive of me and the service I provide, to pull this trip together and hold the space for those who will step in and also the service I offer through the wider expression of my life.   

If that is still too a big step to take, I offer this:

In the world of a gift economy, prices aren't set. I recognize this may be challenging and even uncomfortable for some people. To ease the discomfort, I offer the following - support in the form of clear financial guidelines for those who are new to the gift economy. It is intended as support for you, not as specific requests. The intention in a gift economy is that everyone can have access to the things that enhance their lives ... and that those who provide the goods and services that bring them and others joy and fulfillment can also do that in a way that sustains them also. To this end, the invitation is to give the most that you can do without overstretching or resentment.  Choose consciously ... and lovingly, for both you and I.

If you are looking for a place to start, consider the following:

  • Supporting Others to Attend: $1000 or more - Covers your registration and supports others who may not be able to give the full amount.
  • Sustaining: $500- $750 sustains the life and work I offer, both for this trip and beyond.
  • Payment plan: 4 payments of $125- $200. Installment payments are offered to support your ease and also sustain my work.
  • Increased Accessibility: $150 If you are from a marginalized group, or part of the global south, regardless of where you live
  • Choose your amount:  If the above options are still a barrier for you to join, please choose the amount you can give. Restoring the gift flow also means stretching into receiving.

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