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"Shelley you have an ability to see into people's core and to lovingly speak the truth about who they are.  I feel the possibility and anticipation about where this will lead me."



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Ever wonder what the Universe would look like without you?

You can't.

There's no such place!

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I have begun to write ...

on         Women Matters
as printed in The Creemore Echo, May 16, 2014

 â€œWhy a column called Women Matter?” you might ask.

 Let me share the context behind this initiative. It is rooted in the concept of inclusivity. It begins with my enthusiasm about being alive at this time, and woven into that, my deep belief that our lives are opportunities for us to contribute something to the community around us, perhaps even to the evolution of life on our planet.

I believe that we live in THE most interesting time to be alive as human beings. I believe that we live in a pivotal time, when we are facing economic, environmental, political and social challenges, and where our choices – individual and collective – often have an immediate and consequential impact. So with this as our backdrop, I believe that we are ALL being called forth to alter the course of current inertia.


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