A New & Powerful Coaching Program:

Breakthrough to Your Great Story!*

A 15 week journey of discovery to uncover your Soul’s Calling

Are you hungry to know what your soul has come to do in this lifetime?

Are you curious about the clues that your life holds to shine the light on this as well as what and why you have felt 'held back'?

If you’ve ever wondered about these things and are hungry to truly dive in for answers, this is a potent and deeply satisfying program!

Step into the chance to explore your own unique journey through your life’s stories and discover the clues to uncover your soul’s purpose in this 15 week program. 

Our experiences and the stories we tell about them hold valuable clues to our soul’s purpose.  There are essentially three different types of stories we all live and tell: victim stories, overcoming stories and great stories.  All of them carry clues and gifts for us.  Learning to perceive and differentiate these stories can serve to shift your perspective, empower you to new conscious choices and facilitate you living your soul’s purpose.

The Great Story Coaching Process has three stages:

  • Exploring the terrain of limitations-  Uncovering your key patterns of emotional pain & wounding and the limiting beliefs they give rise to helps you to fully understand them so that you can recognize it, forgive it and move beyond it.

  • Uncovering your genuine passion, finding the specific triumph and celebrating your unique grace leads the way to consciously developing your Great Story

  • Illuminating the vision your soul holds - Leaning into the depth of resonance this produces, you are called to design and create your Great Story and to anchor it within the global Great Story, implementing it with inspired day-to-day choices and habits.

I just went through the program myself and found it to be powerful, mystical and enlightening, and I am keen to share the treasure of it to those hungry to journey into this enchanting place of discovery.  Wow! is what I'm still saying, months after!

15 Sessions of one-on-one coaching, at your own pace

Sliding scale $1597 - $997**    

Or Join a small group: 

Collingwood & Creemore area, in person

Or Attend from anywhere Via Conference Line:

Current groups - underway since January, 2015

Sign up to express your interest in a group beginning in Fall, 2015

Or ...

with the commitment of a min. 5 participants, we can also establish a group to suit you and your friends

Click here if you are interested in a group program

 Also feel free to call me: Shelley @ 705-532-7375

*Training and curriculum provided by Lucid Living.  See www.lucidliving.net for more info on their mission & programs.

      The cost for one-on-one coaching with Lucid Living’s Great Story Coaching faculty is begins at $3800 USD for 12 sessions or $385USD per session.


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