Come Celebrate 2015!!

Consciously.  Spaciously.  Playfully. In Community!

Dec 27-29, 2015!!  Near Singhampton, ON

Celebration is a powerful choice in our world.  One that can change the focus and the resonance of any moment, of any life, of any world … of any future.

Did you know that there are 7 faces of celebration?

We'll spend time exploring them all!

Spend all or any part of 2&1/2 days of relaxed, co-created space at Northern Light Retreat Centre, just outside of Singhampton from the afternoon of Sunday, Dec 27 – late afternoon/ early evening Tuesday, Dec 29.

Yup, co-created! That means we’ll figure it out together and on our own …

Bring art supplies, outdoor fun equipment, games, music and anything else you’d like to have be part of your celebration experience.  We’ll organize ourselves into meal teams once we have a sense of who’s coming.

Cost?    sliding scale $175 - $85, for 2 nights; pay what you’re inspired to pay.

(or some portion if you're only coming for part of the time)

Includes your cozy accommodations in bunk beds or on mattresses in a communal space.   Meals, snacks &  drinks to be organized potluck

Kids welcome!

Why, you ask?  To have fun! To honour our individual and collective journeys over the past year.  To bring joy to our successes.  To honour and draw learning from our failures.  To share our stories with others.  And of course …. to prepare for the magic that 2016 holds.

Register here now


Come! Choose to bring your year to a close joyfully, powerfully & tenderly with others!

 For more information email me at or call me: 705-532-7375


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