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Lily and Madison  We Are Enough

This photo shows a blind dog being walked by her friend.

Shelley Hannah who is a spirit-based life coach attended the Women’s Sacred Circle at the UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting last March. She was deeply touched by our gathering and contacted me several months later offering a coaching session. She loves to champion the evolutionary in people helping each one see and express their best selves fully and authentically.

My session with her was most illuminating and rewarding. She helped me focus in on the gift of my inner child as my strength in leading the way. This has always been something I liked about myself but to be taken seriously in most settings I felt I could not always use  fully. I am blessed to have Shelley reinforce this value in myself so that I now boldly continue to use play and fun as part of the co-creative process. Her brilliance and gentle guidance using skillful coaching techniques and spiritual listening are a gift to me and can be for all who would like to lean into their best selves. We are all needed and We Are Enough to make a difference in the world. .

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Namaste!!! Ann

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