Pick your people. Pick your timing. Pick your ingredients.

Let's make magic!

Always rooted in creating safe space for all to show up authentically, allow me to design an experience to suit your group.

Possible themes:
growing intuition, discovering your unique and special gifts, exploring trust in life as it is, building community and relationships

Possible ingredients include:
contemplative art, nature, dress-up, Transformation Game, tea leaf reading, writing, silence ... 

Possible timing:
from a few hours to multiple days, your preference is my inspiration!

You gather the people, secure the location, arrange for meals.
I design the 'active space', bring all necessary materials.
Together, we create a one-of-a-kind experience that deepens relationships and creates whole new worlds of possibility!

General 'Ball Park' Price range: 
Half-day retreats for up to 6 people start at $475, full day retreats at $750, and multiple-day overnight retreats $850/day.
Travel costs are extra.  Depending on the number of participants, material costs may be extra as well.

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