You make a difference! 

Yes! You do! Whether or not you think you do. So why not create a ripple that moves & inspires you?

My passion is blowing wind in the sails of people who are choosing to make a difference. Whether you're looking for help to discern what that might be, or yearn to have a greater impact, I support you to reconnect with your own truth, essence and power to do so.

Locally or globally. Turn up the volume on your PASSIONS & your POWER ... and make the IMPACT you'd love to see in the world.

coaching ~ workshops ~ interactive speaking engagements ~ events


               A Current event: 


a weekend retreat for people inspired to make a difference, and create an impact.

Friday- Sunday, November 23-25

Silver Springs Retreat Centre

Flesherton, Ontario

keynote speaker ~ workshops ~ space to connect & co-inspire

lovely food ~ an outstanding retreat centre

Are YOU ready

to make a difference?

would you like a hand? or wind in your sails?

Make it Happen!

more info here

Connect. Co-inspire. Collaborate.

Hosted by Shelley Hannah, CPCC

 Ever wonder

what the universe would look like

without you?

You can't.

There's no such place!



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