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 The Beaver River


 From Clarity to Courage:

Shifting the Mundane to the Magically Adventurous


A 7-days over 11-weeks in-person adventure to clarify your calling and step into the real adventure of your life …  NOW!


Course Summary & Lay-out:

While clarity about purpose is the obvious ‘problem’ we will address, we also go diving into the sub-conscious & more real underlying problems that have led the unconscious to create your clarity challenges.  Each day focuses on a key to the journey, though woven throughout every day of the experiential curriculum is adventure, play, creativity, magic, community and celebration.


Day 1 – Clarity                                                                            Monday, June 20

We begin with creating a safe and courageous container for the bold and daring adventure that lies ahead- to get clear our mission, and to step into it. From there, we take our first step – to get clear on the essence of the unique gifts you are here to contribute, and for the role you are here to play as an evolutionary in the paradigm shift at play.  Our day is marked by celebration and calling each other forth gently and boldly into the adventure that calls our souls most deeply.



Day 2 – The Genius of our Life’s Design                            Monday June 27

In our second week together, we dive into the stories of our life, and in particular our greatest challenges and woundings to uncover the genius in our life’s design from our soul’s perspective, revealing new dimensions of our life’s purpose. It sounds daunting, but we’ll be pulling out the creativity, silliness & play to make it feel like fun at the end of the day!


We skip a week before re-convening as a group, to allow for integration of what we’ve learned and experienced so far.  You are strongly encouraged to connect with a buddy to share and deepen your learning during this week.  This is considered an integral part of the overall experience.


Day 3 – Belonging                                                                     Wednesday, July 13

In our fourth week, we explore the underbelly of our tribe of evolutionaries’ greatest fears -the issue of belonging. During this day we come to see ourselves as unique and necessary pieces within the puzzle of the whole that requires us to be wholly ourselves, and for which there is no competition.  We leave with an experience of belonging to ourselves, to each other and to the world we’ve come to play our lives in.


Day 4 – Play, Adventure, Dreams and Dares!                   Wednesday, July 20*

Essential to any life worth our trip to Earth is … PLAY!!  And in our fifth week, play is so much more delicious if it’s outdoors in the beauty of nature!  So down the spectacularly scenic Beaver River we will go, merrily on our way … all the while noticing and marveling in the mentors, miracles, & magic that show up to inform our dreaming to expand our sense of what’s possible ever more playfully and widely, for ourselves- individually and collectively.


Once again, we break from the group experience, this time for 2 weeks during week 6 & 7, and you are just as strongly encouraged to meet with a new buddy or in small groups each week to share in your learning so far.  This opportunity is an important part of the recipe to growing strong and lasting relationships that will support and sustain your adventure long into the future.


Day 5 – Negotiating Distractions, Embracing Risk          Wednesday, Aug 10*

What risks are real? And which are merely perceived?  In week 8 we lift the carpet to shed light on our saboteurs and passion-stealers and discern the real and perceived risks we face in choosing to honour our calling.  Then take a flying leap …. off of Canada’s longest Twin Zip Line!! A half-mile of adrenaline-pumping excitement careens you into a world of expanded perspective and deeper courage, as you build your risk-taking appetite to leap into your calling as the life-affirming adventure it was always intended to be!



Day 6 – Working Magic                                                                Wednesday, Aug 17

We are not alone. We know that.  But how often do we think to engage our unseen friends & allies in our dreams and adventures?  In week 9 you’ll find yourself remembering how to connect with and count on help in both the seen and unseen world as you explore and play with the tools of reality creation to create a world of your making and to help birth the future we most long for, together.


Take a break to let the past 9 weeks’ journey sink in a little further still.  During this week the group as a whole is tasked with co-creating our final day together.  Time to apply all of who you’ve become and to conjure who you are becoming in dreaming alive the perfect celebration for our tribe’s journey together.


Day 7 – Celebrating!!                                                                  Thursday, Sep 1

In our 11th and final week together we sink into the most delicious positive feedback loop ever invented!  This day is an adventure in co-creativity and celebration with your fellow evolutionaries.  You’ll make real the day you have designed to celebrate the significant steps, both large and small, that we have taken to lead us to the life we have dreamed of and the world we have longed for.  You’ll create rituals to celebrate taking an ever more bold and conscious role in its creation that you’ll be able to add to your tool kit for living an evolutionary life. 


*most days begin at 10am and end at 4pm; some begin at 9am & end at 4:30pm.

**All days, save for the Beaver River & zip-lining days will run, rain or shine.  In the case of inclement weather for these days, the make-up days will be as follows:  Beaver River adventure day - July 21 (if original day: July 20 is rained-out) & Scenic Caves Zip-lining day (orig. Aug 9) – will be pushed back to Aug 16 & the remaining dates will also be pushed back to the next scheduled date and our final day will be held on Thursday, Sep 8.

 *All program locations are in the Shelburne, Murmur, Beaver Valley & Blue Mountain areas of Ontario.

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