Going with the flow!

a day on the river with relaxed evolutionaries

Come, relax,             

                         slow down, tune in ...


Immerse yourself in nature, life's best teacher for getting us to slow down, 

listen in new ways ... 

surrender to the river's flow, 

and find your own rhythm.

Notice the magic that arises when there's nowhere to go but here.

Let the river be your guide.

Let nature nourish.

Let timelessness rejuvenate.

Let beauty invigorate.

And let the company of other evolutionaries inspire.

Come ….

Sunday, July 9, 2017 

10am- 4:30pm

$165, includes your boat rental!

                                   also includes:                  

- all necessary boat gear, including PFD & paddle

- programming for an -evolutionary experience   

- healthy snacks & tea-time gathering

We'll share a potluck lunch.  You'll receive more specific info re: what to bring 

once you register.

Register Here

Register Here


Questions? Call me- Shelley @ 705-532-7375


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