You make a difference!

Ever wonder what the universe would look like without you? 

You can't! 

There's no such place!

That's what I believe! Yes! We are all integral parts of a whole who have a unique contribution to make. You too! Yes you do!

And you feel that too, or you wouldn't be here. :)

I work with women who have a sense of adventure and play, who believe in magic, and who are ready to step into the greatest adventure of their life - being who they came to be, dang it! 

Is this you?

Whether or not you think you do. So why not create a ripple that moves & inspires you?

My passion is blowing wind in the sails of people who are choosing to make a difference. Whether you're looking for help to discern what that might be, or yearn to have a greater impact, I support you to reconnect with your own truth, essence and power to do so.

Locally or globally. Turn up the volume on your PASSIONS & your POWER ... and make the IMPACT you'd love to see in the world.

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Make a difference today!  Locally!

earlier this week ...

a friend had an unfortunate incident: she, a young Collingwood mom put her wallet, with id & $800 cash on the roof of her car

             ... you can guess the next chapter ...

the next morning an idea & an invitation was birthed

     ... that a bunch of us could come together to create a new & delicious ending to this story ...

since sending an email & posting it on facebook
              this is what is coming together ...
* a fund-raising dinner, raffle & auction!
    looks like it'll be this coming Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012 -
                                 in Collingwood!
* for those who would simply like to make a donation,you can do so here: 

 to all who made

 the success that it was!!


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