Finding Centre 

a back-country paddling trip for (wise) women

Sept. 27 - Oct. 1, 2021

So much is in flux. This trip is an invitation to find your centre.

   WHAT: Canoe and/or kayak trip for 5 days, 4 nights.

WHERE: Massasauga Provincial Park, interior back-country

WHO: You! Beneficial to have some paddling and backcountry camping experience, although not totally necessary if you’re keen.

WHEN: Monday, September 27 - Friday, October 1, 2021

WHY: If the company of wise women, water and time to reflect, re-calibrate and re-centre are calling you, it's best to heed the call!

WHAT TO EXPECT: 5 days, 4 nights of paddling and camping with a small group (max 8). BYO gear (we have tons of checklists and some shared gear). Campfires. Time for quiet self-reflection (overnight solo for those who desire). Shared meals. Laughter. Spaciousness.  Facilitated group experiences. Potential for impromptu singing. Swimming. Fall colours. Invitation to offer/lead an activity, if desired. A radiating sense of well-being.

COSTS: I am offering a PWYC experience once again this year!. Additional costs include, food (shared responsibility for group meals and bringing food), camping permit (split between the group), parking and equipment rentals if required.

If YOU would like to offer an activity, you can consider, whatever natural gift or creativity you want to share. Art, science, movement, music, story-telling, or whatever you are moved to share!

Once you confirm your interest in joining us, we have some google docs so you can sort and pack your gear, see what we can share, carpooling options, etc. 

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TRIP? Bring ‘em on! More details are coming, but in the meantime you can contact Shelley:

Once you confirm your interest, we have some google docs so you can sort and pack your gear, see what we can share, carpooling options, etc. 

Reflect, replenish, reconnect, re-calibrate, re-centre ...

in the company of like-hearted women and the best nature has to offer. 

To register, click here.

To view the waiver you will be required to sign, click here.

If you've filled out the questionnaire, seen and agree to the waiver, and are ready to make your payment, 


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