Transformation Game ~ Thursday, June 20  9am-noon

Sacred Circle Dance  ~ Thursday, June 20  4:45-5:30pm

Millionth Circle Women's Circle  ~ Friday, June 21  following Welcome Circle


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"Building the Peace Movement" with panelists: motivational speaker Shelley Hannah "By Participating , We Can Build Peace Together”; Prof. Valerie Zawilski “ Women as bridge-builders”; Activist Lyn Adamson “New steps for activism and action” 

November 11, 2012 Metro Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

By Participating, We Can Build Peace Together - an experiential talk inviting people to explore and experience the power of perspective, the influence of emotions on our choice of action & inaction, and to claim our ability to make an impact, collectively and individually.

We are the ones we've been waiting for!

followed by a facilitated conversation circle

Originator and facilitator of

Inspiration Convention 2012

Shelley co-facilitated the following workshops during this weekend retreat from November 23-25, 2012:

Growing Connections: Together with participants, we co-create a safe and encouraging environment for participants to connect and share in places that are real and resonant. It begins with sharing the Life Purpose Statements that participants created in an earlier workshop.

Calling Forth Our Wholeness: In this powerful and transformational workshop, participants are lead through a journey of deep acknowledgement for all of who they are, which has the effect of calling people into greater confidence, versatility and creativity. 


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