Nowhere to get but here ...

Friday, July 12

7-9:30pm @ the Mad & Noisy Galley

Creemore, ON

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 always on the run

... we're awaiting a photo of Ken

                   ..... that isn't blurry!



How does one get to be 94 or 97 years old? 

     And what does 90+ years of experience get you? 

Ken Thorton and Ruth Durance

           are adventurers of life and local treasures.


Their lives have led them over 5 continents, through countless challenges, dozens of losses and more than one change in perspective.


Through it all they have earned a treasure trove of wisdom

and they are eager to share it!


     Come hear how their adventures

        might shed light on your journey.


Come find                                  

                    your own enduring perspective. 


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