formerly known as the ...        Collingwood & Creemore Speaker Series

showcasing ordinary people making extraordinary choices with an intention to spark the courage in all of us

 Thank You! to our 2013Guest Speakers:

Feb 2013  Collingwood

Katie Hamilton -  listened to her heart, packed up her city life &, without friends or a job waiting, headed north to our community  ... and trusted ... through many shakey moments .. that it would work out ...

Thanks! you courageously started this whole ball rolling in February



March 2013  Creemore

John Millar took a risk, leaving his job & its regular paycheck to follow his heart - to provide education and clean water to communities in Canada & Uganda.  Tin Roof Global, now an international charity is the product of that leap of heart.

Thanks! you invited us to think - and act- beyond our local horizons


April 2013  Collingwood

Kathryn Colantonio returned to school when she was 49 to complete something she'd begun 30 years earlier. In doing so, she began her shift off the should's in her life, and onto honouring her greatest desires.

Thanks! you inspired courage in us through the sharing of your vulnerabilities.


 May 2013  Creemore


darci-que is out to make the world a better place! 

An artist, author & single mom, she's got talent, a dream and a big drive.  She's got her sights set on a big national Chapters dream!

Thanks! you invited us to think - and act- beyond our local horizons 


June 2013  Collingwood

Michelle Zorychta is not an easy quitter.  

jumping ship from her factory job 6 years ago, she did all the right things to have her dream fly.  Things started out well enough, for awhile, but then got tough.  She was about to give up ... when an opportunity fell in her lap.

Thanks! you reminded us: Don't Give Up!!



 July 2013  Creemore

            what does 90+ years of life experience get you?        


94 year old Ken Thorton and 97 year old Ruth Durance are adventurers of life and local treasures.  Their lives have led them over  continents, through countless challenges, dozens of losses and more than one change in perspective.  

Thanks! you inspired us to consciously choose our attitude.

 Sep 2013  Creemore

Ruth Ann Pearce & Michael L'Ecuyer 


 Oct 2013  Collingwood

Suma.  research scientist turned Buddhist nun.

all you ever wanted to know about how this happened got answered that night!

Thanks! you invited us to honour our deepest truth.

Nov 2013  Creemore

Matthew Vorstermans is a quiet hero.

Armed with a big heart and an enduring love for his late grandmother

he’s making a difference in the lives of many touched by Alzheimer’s.

Locally, and far beyond.

Thanks! you invited us to notice our own capacity to make a difference.



       Thank you

Melanie Case, Jane Schnurr,

Ayrlie MacEachern & Laurie Anderson

for your loving attention & story-drawing questions that helped to create evenings of inspired conversation.



Mad & Noisy Gallery

in Creemore

& Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts

& Heidi Rumball

in Collingwood

for providing such lovely and loving venues!



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