Engaging Interactive Talks and Workshops

The following topics can be presented in a variety of ways to suit your audience

For Women


  • It's Time! Stepping Up to Have an Impact - We live in interesting and pivotal times, where we are facing economic, environmental and political challenges. Locally and globally, women have a role to play in forming our collective future. Together, let's heed the call and joyfully join others who are inspired to risk it all for a world that is inclusive, respectful, creative and collaborative. Making a difference doesn't have to be so serious!


For Women and Men:

      ·         Breakthrough to Your Great Story! A 15 week exploration of your Soul's Purpose & Journey

Starting in January, 2015!


·         Choosing and Creating a Legacy Explore what really matters to you and begin now to consciously leave a ripple on the people, places or other things of importance to you in ways that will outlive you.

·         Living Consciously, Meaningfully and Joyfully – Explore the information available in past moments of glory to inform current choices that will bring meaning and joy to your life now.

·         Navigating Transitions Consciously – Whether the change is a choice or is imposed, it is often helpful to uncover the elements that keep you true to your essential self and lead you to choices that are empowering and fulfilling.

·         Let’s Make A Difference!  Collaborating in Inspiration – Discover and share what inspires you, learn about what inspires others and connect with some who will become co-inspirers in projects meaningful to you.

·         Growing Gratitude and Compassion in Our Lives – These two of the single-most important ingredients to finding peace and contentment in our lives are explored through shared stories.  Together we grow our consciousness of the vitamin-like impact they have and renew our commitment to growing them in our own lives and community. Subtley and surreptitiously, we will change the world!

·         Living Consciously, Dying Consciously – Death- it’s something we all get to.  Whether death is closely imminent or still an unknown destination, approaching it with consciousness and discerning what’s important can help to prepare you for the final journey of your life.  

In a nutshell

 I can tailor a talk about living consciously & choosing to make a difference in the world

to suit pretty nearly any group - however big or small, young or old!

My 'talks' are gently participatory, inviting listeners to experience the topic/s

as well as leave them with gems to ponder.


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