I loved the gentle harmony in the group and the easy gelling that occurred between us all. You are an excellent facilitator and a catalyst for beginnings and continuations.



 I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. The camaraderie, adventure, food and fun were just what we needed. I would love another adventure like this -to just share some space, time and energy with like-minded people.  It was more like a gathering of friends.  It was what we needed more than anything else.



I want to clearly express how much I have gotten out of your class. For me the creativity activities- the painting, the clay, the movement, gave my person and the artist in my soul room to breath and stretch. The concepts behind the exercises gave me much to consider- self nurturing and giving time and space for imagination to be explored and inspired, and a daily practice that allows reflection, surprised insight, question asking and the creativity of writing.

LG, Artist's Way participant      


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