You were absolutely the catalyst for change for me and helped me through some terrible stuff that became transformative. Your clear and courageous mind and spirit are rewarding in and of themselves. You make our world a limitless wonder.                                              

 Martha B, artist & entrepreneur    


thank you again for the truly scary good coaching today. You remind me what it is to be living into what i truly want and value. I'm holding myself with value and respect and that's what I'm modeling for my clients. This is walking my talk. Thank you. Wow.    

Laurie W, coach      

Thank you seems so little to say and does not seem to capture the depth of my gratitude.
Because of our coaching: my voice has been unveiled;
I can heal some wounds that had been disempowering me;
Many people (my immediate family, students and friends) have been positively affected by my spirit;
Deep anger and disillusionment at my work have dissolved and I can now come to work knowing that I can express myself and be heard and more importantly, I know that I can have an internal sense of peace. Thank you.



It has been six months since we have worked together. And it is after this 'down' time that I realize how profound and life empowering the investment of our coaching has been. The growth that the life coaching has brought to my life has been very empowering and transforming.




You were artful and soulful. It was helpful. We got right down to it, and dealt with important stuff right away. I was surprised and energized. Thanks so much.



The sessions I had with you were my first experience of receiving such empowering encouragement. ... It now feels so much better to set goals as the fear of letting myself down has dissipated. The guided visualization was profound; it gave me great peace, courage & confidence to move forward trusting all is and will continue to be well – that I am capable of achieving my dreams.


The post-session re-caps are an invaluable tool that I can pick up and feed off of anytime I need a boost or guidance

You have helped me to remove so much of the fear of stepping into the unknown – even made it inviting! Thank you for this and for sharing with me the enthusiasm of your spirit.




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