Thank you for saying Yes to an Intuitive Reading,

and in doing so, saying YES! to YOU!
I hope that you found value for yourself.  I would love to hear a little about how it was for you and what you are taking away from your experience.  Please take a moment to let me know in the box below. 

Further below is a place to make a donation ...

Thank You!                    

Would you like to further your exploration of and expression of your essence and purpose? If so would you be interested in

Thank you for taking the time. Your reflections are valuable to me.

Your Donation:

In an attempt to both make my service available to as many people as possible, as well as to begin creating a new paradigm of exchange between people, I offer my Intuitive Reading service on a 'pay what the service was worth to you' or 'pay what you are able to afford' basis.

Thank you in advance for stepping into this new paradigm of exchange!
Thank you for your support of this work I offer!


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