Discover the Genius in the Design of Your Life!

Do you have a sense you have a purpose greater than your life currently holds but aren’t clear on what specifically it is?

Your life holds the clues!

Inside the stories and circumstances of your life lies information about why you are here, and what you are meant to bring to the world! They point the way to what your life has been designed for.

Uncover it and thrive!


We’ll use play, art, group process and one-on-one coaching to facilitate your process to discovering the clues that will reveal what your unique contribution is.

Embark on a magical adventure of discovery,

have fun doing it, enjoy the support and encouragement of others on their path

and step ever more fully into the Great Story you have come to live!


and together let’s get to the bottom of this mystery of your life’s great expression!


What to expect:

  • A once-a-month day of play with others on their own adventure of exploration.  We’ll gather in the spaciousness of a full day together, using art/ creative play and group sharing as our main ingredients.  We’ll sprinkle in time in nature, silence, a shared meal and other magic to help surface insights and through the collective intelligence, insight and intuition in group sharing, uncover the clues that lead us to noticing and celebrating the incredible genius in how our life’s experiences illumine our calling.

  • 1-2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Shelley, between the monthly group meetings to delve more personally into your own journey of discovery on the way to discovering and claiming ever more clearly your own unique path.

When: we're done now, til the fall!  

Next Art/Play Dates: September

          Click here to let me know you're interested!

Where: in the Collingwood area, to begin (as the group forms, we may choose to change this up as we go)

Cost: $100/element**

 **an element is either a group play day or a one-on-one coaching session.      

Pay for 5 elements & get a BONUS!!

Pay for 10 elements & get 1 free and a BONUS too!!

The Genius of My Life's Design project

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