Hello fellow Great Story travellers!

I am looking forward to our dropping out of separation and melting into connection in a few short weeks!

I have been feeling challenged by the financial requirements of this very special adventure and have thus created an extracurricular fundraising ‘scheme’.  Perhaps some of you will feel inspired to help.

The scheme:  I create little ‘Love Notes’.  They are little colourful scrolls of loving acknowledgements that have an uncanny way of landing in the right person’s hands.  They are great for a sweet ‘pick-me-up’ on a day when you could use a reminder of the beauty you are, to slip in your kid’s or partner’s lunch or pocket, to add a (or for some of you, yet another!) magical detail for each of your special dinner guests, or to set a loving tone in business meetings.  They come in bags of 25 & 50 different notes that make a great thank you for new clients, teachers, party hosts & event organizers.  They also make for an easy random act of kindness prop for the check-out cashier, your mechanic, or a random stranger.  Truly, the possibilities of how far & wide you can spread the love with these little scrolls is limited only by your imagination … and will, of course!!

I am creating a campaign to ‘spread the love’ by selling them to people – locally and beyond - who are inspired to help spread the love … in your own lives, as well as in support of my more easily attending our retreat.

Click here for pictures and a bit more information.

If you are inspired to spread the love and support me in this way, you have a few options.  You can place an order on-line or via email to me.  And you can either pay on-line in Canadian funds via PayPal (incl. credit card options) or pay me at the retreat in US cash. 




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