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In March, celebrate my gramma's birthday!
On March 6, Gramma Effie would have been 98, if she were still alive.  I celebrate her birthday with a banana cream or coconut cream pie.  
You can too! ... or you can
 get a bag of 98 Love Notes for only $18! 

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The 'Originals' - Over a hundred different acknowledgements in 5 brilliant colours in mainly legible handwriting!


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Choose from 'Original' Love Notes, Large Print, 
and for Lovers:

 The 'Originals' 

over 100 different acknowledgements in 5 brilliant colours in mainly legible handwriting!

 Large Print! 

great for up to 10 yr olds & older eyes that require glasses 


 And some for lovers!

 a little bit sexy, a little bit playful, always positive

appropriate for all adults, regardless of gender or preference

available in bags of 25 & 50 unique notes

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