Take part in an inspiring

gathering of  Evolutionaries in 2017!

About the evolutionary retreats, in general:

Expect ...

Expect a small circle, where there is ample space for all.

Expect brave and bold playmates.

Expect to be changed by your time with us … in magical and serendipitous ways.

…  & of course, expect FUN!!!!

oh, and maybe make a few awesome & lasting connections with people who see the world as you do.

The next retreat:

inspiration incubation - autumn 2017

October 13-15

near Clarksburg, ON

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 Recent retreats:

Thanks for a delicious summer of evolutionary fun!!  

A Day of Play!

a gathering of subversive evolutionaries ...

who make play part of their magic!

     Gather with others who are here to have fun ...

               while we make the world a better place for all!

Come! Be the kid, the goofball or the trickster you are, deep inside ...

                                                                     and see what magic surfaces!

Saturday, June 10, 2017  

$145, includes a yummy lunch!

Near Shelburne, ON

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Going with the flow!

a day on the river with relaxed evolutionaries

Sunday, July 9, 2017 

$165, includes your boat rental!

Near Kimberly, ON

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Leap of Faith!

a moment of wild adventure - take a bold leap of faith on behalf of your deepest calling

in the company of evolutionary kin!

Sunday August 13, 2017 

$165, includes a leap off Canada's longest twin-zipline!

Near Collingwood, ON

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Expect the same and more next summer & fall:

Wilderness Trips for Evolutionaries

With the beauty and inspiration of the Canadian Wilderness as our backdrop, come play in the fresh air, see, be seen, connect … and re-connect deeply with what matters most to you.  Then go away, with the gift of a supportive community in your back pocket!

September 2018

 And possibly also in 2018 ...

Seakayak in British Columbia!

Explore some of BC's beautiful coastline ... with other evolutionary adventurers

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Week-long Wilderness Art Retreat

Get creative in the wild with other revolutionaries!


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